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JK Moving Services

Back in 1981, we started with two employees, a truck, a dream, and a commitment to excellence. In fact, we are the largest independent moving company in the USA and the largest moving company in the DC metro area, with over 200 vehicles and more than 700 professional relocation experts.


We never forget that your schedule is important, your assets are valuable, and you can’t afford downtime. So, to give you the finest in performance, reliability and service, we’ve created a company culture and business model unlike any other moving company.

Get in Touch

Ginny Steinhauer

P: (617) 388-0837

E: ginny.steinhauer@jkmoving.com

Rocco Balsamo

P: (703) 926-5798

E: rocco.balsamo@jkmoving.com

Cody Reiter

P: (301) 672-1265

E: cody.reiter@jkmoving.com

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